You now have the clinical skills, but have you developed the communication skills necessary to explain to your patients what their needs are and what you can do for them in terms they can understand and in a manner that reassures them? Knowing all the correct terminology and techniques is great, but when you begin treating the general public you will have to develop a “Layman’s Language” adapted to each individual patient and a style of presentation that is both friendly and professional.

Chairside Manner is a resource of ideas for the new dentist to help explain many of the various dental terms and treatments in plain and understandable language in a way that can calm fears, provide understanding and acceptance, and reassure the often confused and fearful dental patient.

A successful dental career can be measured in many ways but a calm and communicative Doctor, Staff, and Patient is a cornerstone of any successful health care encounter.

J. Randall Latta, DDS


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