First Visits

patient view

Unfortunately, many of your new patients will be trying to cope with a lifetime of previous bad dental experiences or unwarranted fears. This will be your best opportunity to give the patient a whole new positive outlook on modern dentistry and to meet the nicest dentist and staff they could never have imagined.

Make sure you and your staff are all on the same page about greeting, welcoming, and requesting information from the new patient.

Use a theme of “gladness” in you patient encounters; glad to meet you, glad to see you again, glad we got that procedure done for you. And direct everyone to introduce themselves at all new encounters. Such an atmosphere is sensed and very appreciated by the patients.

patient view

What especially works well if the doctor happens to be available, is for the doctor to briefly greet the patient sometime before the first procedures (x-ray, prophy, etc) are started. The doctor steps into the room for a brief introduction. “Hello Mrs. Smith, I’m Doctor Johnson and I just wanted to step in and say “Welcome” to our office. I’ll let you finish filling out that health form and then I’ll be back to listen to your concerns before we do a careful exam”. It only takes seconds, can be done in between any of the doctors routines, and immediately sets the refreshingly new tone that this doctor is going to listen to me first!


Hire the right people for the right job. Make sure your receptionist and phone person is an enthusiastic extrovert. (Your bookkeeper can be the brilliant introvert!)

The person who answers that first call  makes that critical first impression of your whole office.

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