“Permanent Guarantee”


Try to avoid using these two words in referring to any dental treatments. Patients will often say “Is this crown permanent?” and the doctor will often fall into the habit of saying When we get the “permanent crown” back from the lab…

Insurance companies will usually authorize a new crown for the same tooth after only 5 years. One would hope that any of today’s dentists can fabricate a full coverage restoration that will last many, many years but instead of promising “permanent”-
Mrs. Smith, we can’t make anything that is better than the original, natural healthy tooth and in your case that natural tooth did not last and was not “permanent”. This crown can last many years but it will depend on how well you can take care if it and the environment it is in. It’s like giving the exact same automobile to ten different people and checking back with them after five years. One car will be just like new, but several others will be rusted out because they weren’t taken care of. (And of course it goes without saying that the other crown longevity factors are the proper diagnosis for a crown in the first place and how well it was fabricated.)

And some patients will ask: “Can you guarantee me that…will work?”
I invariably reply: I can only guarantee that I will try my best, the rest is up to you and Mother Nature!

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